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Social Inclusion and Equalities

Social Inclusion

South West definition of Social Exclusion

“Social exclusion is when an individual is prevented from participating in any

of the key economic, social and political activities, in the society in which they


In a fully inclusive South West everyone would………….

  • have an income that reaches the minimum income standard
  • have access to appropriate employment, paid at a rate at least equivalent to the minimum living standard
  • have access to good quality health care and services
  • have access to affordable housing of a decent standard, which allows independent living
  • have appropriate and timely support as needed
  • have access to good quality and appropriate learning opportunities
  • be empowered to contribute to society and their contributions would be valued
  • have the opportunity to have an appropriate work / life balance
  • live in a safe community, free of fear
  • live free from discrimination and prejudice on any grounds
  • have access to a clean environment and equal protection from possible environmental harm.


The Assembly has been fully committed to and involved in the establishment of Equality South West (ESW) from the outset. ESW is an organisation which can help improve the social and economic life of the South West for everyone - a body that brings all the equality strands together, with major regional agencies and employment bodies. Work will be undertaken to ensure that our region makes the most of everyone's abilities and experience, and does not prevent people from making the maximum contribution.

The Board is made up of representatives from the 7 regional equality strands: age, disability, gender, race, religion/belief, sexual orientation, and transgender. Other organisations represented on the Board include SWRDA, SWRA, GOSW, South West TUC, South West Forum, and the Local Government Association.

ESW was successfully established in early 2005 and is served by offices in Taunton.

Further details on the work of Equality South West can be found on their website, www.equalitysouthwest.org.uk.