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Regional Chamber Meetings 1998 to 2000

South West Regional Chamber

With the establishment of the Regional Development Agencies under the RDA Act 1998 provision was made for overview and scrutiny arrangements to be set in place involving the local authorities and social and economic partners.    Following debate in the region and the strong ministerial direction,  the RDA was set up on the boundaries of the Standard Region involving the pre-1996 seven counties.  

In the South West political leaders led by Chris Clarke (Lib Dem Leader of Somerset CC) and Chester Long (Labour Leader of Exeter City Council)  moved to establish a Chamber coterminous with the RDA.    Support for this work was provided by the Chief Executives of the two Councils, respectively David Radford and Philip Bostock with Exeter City Council providing secretariat support to the emerging Chamber.  

The chair of the Regional Chamber was Cllr Chris Clarke.  

Sir Chris Clarke OBE 1941 - 2009

Already operating was the South West Regional Planning Conference which had been in existence since 1992 and oversaw the production of Regional Planning Guidance.   For more about the SW Regional Planning Conference click here.  

In 2001 the Chamber and Conference merged to form the Regional Assembly.    Separate from these arrangements but with support provided by the combined secretariat an LGA 'branch' for the SW became active drawing together a wider local authority membership than the Assembly.


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