South West Regional Planning Conference and the Planning Archive up to 2001

This archive of regional planning materials for the South West Region stretches back to the 1960s and the work of the Regional Economic Planning Council,which was part of the machinery, set up by the Labour Government, connected with the National Plan process. Two of their studies are attached, together with the Severnside Feasibility Study of the late 1960's early 70s and several other sub regional studies from that period.

The regional planning process was relatively moribund during most of the 1980s following the dissolution of the Regional Economic Planning Councils.   In the SW,  the focus was on the Devon and Cornwall unit and its various sub regional bodies and the remainder of the region which organised as the Joint Advisory Group for Wiltshire, Avon,Gloucestershire and Somerset or JAGWAGS (for which no materials have yet been found).   At that stage Dorset looked further east and its functional relations with Hampshire.  

Towards the end of the 1980s government recognised the need for some regional level coordination of regional policy and forecasts and proposed the formation of regional groups of local authorities to prepare advice for the Secretary of State.

Most published materials survive from the SWRPC work in that period but unfortunately the records of their meetings have not been retained other than some sub group meetings from the late 1990s early 2000s.

This archive contains published documents for both versions of the Regional Planning Guidance RPG10, including the advice given by the Conference in 1993 and 1998 to the Secretary of State on which the RPGs of 1994 and 2001 were based..