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Regional Scrutiny and Strategic Review

Business Engagement in the SW coverThe South West Regional Assembly (SWRA) holds the South West RDA accountable to the region that it serves through a process of regional scrutiny and strategic review. It reflects with stakeholders on the RDA’s delivery of the Regional Economic Strategy (RES) in the context of regional needs and priorities.

The SWRA recognises that, although the South West RDA leads on delivery of the RES, it is the region’s strategy and other regional and sub-regional organisations contribute to the fulfilment of its aims.  Consequently, the approach to scrutiny that has been developed with the South West RDA is ‘regional scrutiny and strategic review’, signifying that the contributions of all relevant regional organisations are investigated and, where necessary, recommendations relating to their roles are developed.

In addition to its important role in strengthening regional accountability, regional scrutiny and strategic review offers opportunities:

• to use feedback from existing policies and strategies in an iterative policy development process

• to enhance partnership working within the South West and increase consistency across regional and local strategies and plans

• to raise awareness of important issues affecting the region with central government, the press, the public and stakeholders

Wind TurbineThe SWRA carries out this scrutiny role through a series of regional strategic reviews, led by the twelve Members of the Regional Scrutiny and Review Panel.

How do Scrutiny Arrangements Work?

For a further explanation of how the scrutiny arrangements work, please read Scrutiny Further Information and the Scrutiny Protocol 2006-2009 (Scrutiny Protocol) - the code of conduct agreed between SWRA and SW RDA in 2006.  The next Scrutiny Protocol is due to be negotiated in 2008.

Current Scrutiny Review

The review which is currently underway is Migrant Workers in the South West (2008). 

Details of recent scrutiny reviews

• Business Engagement (2008)

• Economic Development and Environment Theme of Local Area Agreements Review (2007)

• Quality of Employment Opportunity Regional Strategic Review (2006/07) 

• Sustainable Energy Regional Strategic Review (2006)

The final report and South West RDA response for previous reviews can be found by following the links listed below.